Beta 0.1.2 Update

A lot of this patch was devoted to fixing bugs we noticed at our booth at the Sammy Showcase.  We took this great team picture there! We've got some exciting news coming in the near future so be sure to follow us on Twitter (@lootboxsim) for that annoucement!

Patch Notes
  • Save files getting corrupted fixed
  • Survey button now deactivates when out of surveys
  • In the Wot-Ci-Oh boss fight, your currently selected card will always be on top
  • Spamming Ad button exploit fixed
  • Arrow keys for button selection is now disabled
  • Fixed bug where players can spawn infinite boxes using the HTOLB (Hard to Open Loot Box) minigame
  • Spacebar can now also be used in HTOLB
  • On large screens, the floor in 1DChess now spans the full screen width
  • The number of surveys answered is now saved
  • Indicators of new loot boxes and new box fragments are consolidated into a single indicator respectively
  • World Map not being in dropdown menu bug fixed
  • Game Version watermark is now in the bottom right corner of the Main Menu

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