Beta 0.2.3 Update

This has been an awesome week for us with the Steam launch last Friday! It’s been really exciting watching people playing literally all around the globe!

Patch Notes

  • The number of achievements completed is now saved (if you are loading an old save it will update this number as you load in)
  • The number of boxes crafted is now saved
  • Incorrect time-played metric removed
  • Inventory item description box now in line with Opened Loot Display’s so will show what sets an item belongs to
  • Buttons in Sportsball will only show after the player’s Grand Sanctum is struck twice
  • Pieces on board in 1DChess update as soon as a piece begins moving


  • Hard to Open Loot Box prompt grammar adjusted
  • Tutorial achievement text adjusted for clarity
  • Tutorial now has a preamble to provide context before giving player items

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Version 0.2.3 Aug 04, 2018

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