Beta 0.2.2

A heads up for those looking forward to our Steam release: We've pushed back our launch date to July 27th.  You can follow and wishlist it here.

We're super excited to finally roll out the new World Map! We've been wanting to get these into the game for a while.

Patch Notes
  • World Map assets updated to a more brushy style
  • Close button in Tutorial now the same as in the rest of the game
  • Mole's speech bubble is no longer anchored to the top-right corner of the screen and now stays right above the mole
  • When a card is dragged into play it is removed from hand
  • Button to leave Opened Loot Display changed from "BACK" to "CLOSE"
  • Runner3 ad audio lowered to be inline with other ads' volumes

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Version 0.2.2 Jul 20, 2018

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