0.2 Santa Cruz Creators Update

This is our biggest patch yet! With it comes some new loot from games from other creators in Santa Cruz, some bug fixes, a few changes in general and quite a few specifically to 1DChess.  We're still at work on the exciting news but stay tuned on our Twitter (@lootboxsim) for when we announce it.

Patch Notes
New Content
Bug Fixes
  • Bug where earned fragments and boxes were disappearing fixed
  • Equipped skybox will still be equipped when returning from mini-games or from loading a save
  • Hide UI Button quirks ironed out
  • Fixed bug where achievement rewards are not added when going to a different scene
  • Fixed issue where HTOLB would not reset the music volume properly
General Changes
  • World map now vibrates when first received
  • Text in Opened Loot Display now scales instead of being in a scrollable rectangle
  • Bullet Hell now starts automatically after the dialogue
1DChess Changes
  • Introductory dialogue changed
  • When 1DChess is begun, all pieces are now unlocked
  • Since player goes first in 1D Chess, their pieces were changed to be white to be in-line with the rules of 2D Chess
  • Pieces in 1DChess are now labelled when player is selecting their piece to move
Other Notes

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