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Loot Box Simulator

A satirical look at the current trajectory of the game industry · By Clickbait Studios


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0.3.1 Update
Hey everyone! 0.3.1 is a small update with some minor bug fixes and some tweaks to the inventory. Save files from 0.1.2 onward have been tested and are compatib...
1 file — 0.3.1 Update
Some players reported issues loading old savefiles on 0.3.0. This was a tiny patch to resolve that issue. Apologies for the disruption in your loot box opening...
1 file —
0.3.0 Update
As a thank you to Steam user A.M. for finding a bug with our fragment conversion we had them suggest a new skin. You can check it out for yourself with the code...
1 file — 0.3.0
Beta 0.2.3 Update
This has been an awesome week for us with the Steam launch last Friday! It’s been really exciting watching people playing literally all around the globe! Patc...
1 file — 0.2.3
Beta 0.2.2
A heads up for those looking forward to our Steam release: We've pushed back our launch date to July 27th. You can follow and wishlist it here . We're super ex...
1 file — 0.2.2
Beta 0.2.1 Update
If you didn't see our exciting news: Loot Box Simulator is launching on Steam on July 20th! You can follow and wishlist it here . In prepping for the Steam rele...
2 files — 0.2.1
0.2 Santa Cruz Creators Update
This is our biggest patch yet! With it comes some new loot from games from other creators in Santa Cruz, some bug fixes, a few changes in general and quite a fe...
Beta 0.1.2 Update
A lot of this patch was devoted to fixing bugs we noticed at our booth at the Sammy Showcase. We took this great team picture there! We've got some exciting ne...